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Street children in Morocco number approximately 30,000, a frightening statistic when you are aware of the damage such circumstances inflict upon children’s development and future.

Our Story

While red carpets are deployed for a privileged minority in Morocco, country’s wealth and resources are shared by the same minority, and the press praises a country in the process of development and democracy, thousands of children are suffering from


Annually, around 100 to 200 children are abandoned throughout Morocco. Pregnancy outside of marriage is considered to go against tradition. Fearing repercussions, single mothers often flee their family home to hide a pregnancy and then abandon the child. Morocco has no institutions that can receive the mother and child. Mothers do not have appropriate emotional and financial support and this forces them to take desperate measures, such as the abandonment of their child.


In Morocco, many families have a very difficult life and live in abject poverty. As victims of this poverty, children are forced to drop out of school to seek work. Child labor affects 8% of children between 5 and 14 years of age. This phenomenon, affecting mainly girls, has still not been eradicated. Young girls often become domestic servants while boys sell handkerchiefs in the streets or polish shoes. These children are exploited from a very young age. These economically exploited children are also sometimes sold for sexual services and face abuse or even violence. Child exploitation in Morocco is part of an illegal and immoral trade that is rarely punished by the law.


Even though, since 2002, school has been mandatory and free for all children ages 6 to 15, today only 88% of Moroccan children can be considered as educated. Although school is free, parents living in poverty cannot afford school supplies. Poor families are sometimes forced to send their children to work to help support the household. This explains the fact that around one in two children over 10 is illiterate.


15% of the population lives below the poverty line (with less than 2 dollars a day). During the past five years, the infant mortality rate has been 38%, which is high.

29th August 2017

CFM Challenge 01

through our first campaign through Facebook and in person, we were about to raise €4,950 to provide several for several families.


A house composing from a big room and a kitchen to shelter a homeless family


A tent that will be used as a shelter and a stop for toursits to drink some tea


We were able to provide a sheep for a family.

Join us! It will only take a minute

20th March 2018

CFM Challenge 02

On the back of the great work we have done wth CFM Challenge 01, we have enbarked on our second challenge to provide more help. We will be closing this and sending money to those on the ground to help with dveelopment.


€3,800 has been donated so far for our second venture


Donations have come from over 20 countries


We have had 87 people donating for CFM Challenge 02


Donations have been of all sizes, from €5 to an amazing €2,000. Every little helps.

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